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Why Companies use us
We save your time, we save your money, we save your temper . . .

Help us help you!
Tell MoveMe about your customer data maintenance. We can then make sure your customer data goes directly to the person responsible for actioning the changes.
Send MoveMe your customer data maintenance contacts.

If your customers are moving ...
Typically 12 to 15% of customers move per year. How much business are you losing due to customer moves? It is cheaper to retain a customer then to find a new customer. How often is your cashflow negatively impacted by unnecessary delays?

What does it cost...
It can easily cost you R30 to handle a Change of Address in your call centre.
But it costs even more if you are handling a paper Change of Address.

can we tell you when your customer is moving, but MoveMe could send you an XML COA record that will help you contain the costs of capturing data.

Contact us for
  • Electronic Change of Address Messages
  • 3rd Party FICA Administration

  • Send us a note and we will call you.

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