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Why use MoveMe?

What can a change of address service do for me?

How can a change of address service make moving easier?

But if your customers are moving then click here

Who should you tell when you are moving?

  • All your account holders (clothes, furniture)
  • Municipality rates, water, electricity or Eskom (electricity)
  • Telecommunications (mobile and land line)
  • Banks 
  • Insurance(short term, household, car) 
  • Assurance(life polices, etc)
  • SARS
  • Loyalty programmes
  • Charities
  • Magazine subscriptions, mail order
  • TV license
  • Gyms
  • Government departments IEC, Home Affairs etc etc
  • Schools,Universities, Alumni Societies, Old Boys (Girls) Clubs
  • Professional Organizations

To change your address yourself

A)Create a list of your service providers.

B)For each service provider you will need to:
  1. Find a current telephone number.
  2. Phone the call center.
  3. Wait in a queue while the call center gets around to answering your call.
  4. Listen to adverts and answer computer voice questions on your keypad.
  5. Then the call center agent will ask you all the questions again.
  6. Be told that you have to fax everything to them anyway…
  7. Write a fax.
  8. Copy any documents.
  9. Fax your documents after 3 or 4 tries.
  10. Post the original.
C) Repeat this 20 times.

So what happens if you don't tell your service providers you are moving?

Quite simply you could ruin your credit rating.  How? Why? Find out more.

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