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Software Tools

We have built this site and maintain this site using free open source technology.

So what does this mean? Buying a PC is cheap, but if you have bought software recently you would have found that it can easily cost you R1000 per piece of software that you install! The reality however is that you really dont need to spend that kind of money.

We have compiled a list of free stuff (open source software tools) that will  make your life simpler. We have listed some of the mainstream software that we use.

This does not mean that it will all work, brilliantly on your setup, and we won't give any warranty or claims of "fit for purpose". It is your choice to click the link, read the website and decide if the software is for you. It's your choice!

We have assumed that as for most home users you are using the Microsoft Windows Operating system.

Would you like to phone for free?
PC to PC free
PC to international landlines cheap cheap!

Do you need to read PDF documents?
This links to Adobe Reader. If you need to create PDF documnets use OpenOffice further down
Adobe Reader
Do you need a great video and photo browser?
Be able to simply scroll through your images
Would you like to surf and search?
Be able to have a one click search engine
To use a simple streamlined Internet browser
Do you need free Office software?
Be able do word processing, spreadsheets, database, presentations at no cost.
AND be able to exchange documents with Microsoft Office users
Keep the Car. Get

Any comments appreciated !

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