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Legal Stuff

This page is for those of you who need to read all the details in detail!

There are two headings:
Terms - deals with the terms and conditions of this website
PAIA - deals with the Promotion of Access to Information Act


Please Note
  1. MoveMe is currently only available to South African residents and to South African companies.
  2. To comply with FICA requirements we need one form per person.
  3. Some service providers can take up to 90 days to action a change of address. We are not responsible for your service provider’s performance.
  4. The updating of service providers systems is outside of MoveMe’s control, MoveMe cannot be held liable for the failure of any third party to act.

You will need Adobe Reader to view the terms.

Read the full Terms and Conditions here.


The PAIA places certian obligations on organisations to put in place mechanism's to define information that is held and how to access the information.

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