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Moving Home Resources: Inspectors

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Should I buy this house?

You have found your dream home.

Or Have You?

Should you buy the house?
What is the maintenance problem that you are buying?
Is the house rotten with damp?
Is there a certificate of compliance?
What about bugs and gogas?
How much should you knock off the asking price to deal with any problems?

So before you sign a offer walk around the house, the garden, and every room looking for anything that looks out of place. Open every cupboard, look along everywall and only then make an offer.


You must protect yourself and write in a clause on the offer to purchase that the offer is subject to a profesional home inspection, just as you would normally write in a clause to the effect that the offer is subject to bond approval by a certian bank.

Ask the homeowner to produce an inspection certificate, or else pay for an inspection yourself - it will be worthwhile in the long run.
Who can you use to inspect the home? Try Inspect-a home.

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