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Moving Home Resources: Bond

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I need a Bond

Have you ever applied for a home loan at a bank? Often the form filling process can take 3 hours per application. And then the bank acts as if they are doing you a favor to consider your application when its your money that they want!

A Bond Originator will approach banks on your behalf and do all the shopping for you. The Bond Originator will negotiate with banks on your behalf, and give you a good interest rate as well as some choices between banks..

Some suggestions are:
Goulburn Mortgage Originators
Better Bond
Bond Choice
Amber Bonds
Bond Easy

If you still want to deal directly with your bank then visit your banks website - but at the end of the day save your time phone your branch make an appointment and do the application in your branch.

Before you sign any offer to purchase (handing your life to the seller!) remember to get your dream home inspected  to discover any defects. Always check for a clause in the offer to purchase that says subject to finance approval AND a clean inspection report.

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