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ALWAYS report a lost or stolen Identity Documents to the South African Police Service to get a case number and then report the theft to the South African Fraud Prevention Service here

Our Privacy Policy is very simple:
  • Your data is yours, 
  • Your data belongs to you, 
  • We will only give your data to those companies that are your service providers or have your records, on their systems.
  • If there is a company that you don't want us to disclose your details to then tell us on the MoveMe Form.

Read the Section titled Privacy in our terms and conditions.

Read the MoveMe PAIA Manual on how to get access to your records.

If you have questions then mail us at

Be aware that if your identity data is in the public domain it is very difficult for us to tell who is allowed access to your contact data and who is not. So when you fill out forms, always chose not to disclose your data to other organizations. Find out more on the page Identity Theft.

To find out more about privacy laws in South Africa and how to protect your rights read the South African Human Rights Commission's pages

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