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  1. Use the MoveMe service whenever your contact details change.
  2. MoveMe will treat your data as your data. Read privacy for more information.
  3. Unfortunately MoveMe cannot inform SAPS about your firearms. Find out more...
  4. If you are planning a move let MoveMe know As Soon As Possible. It is best to let us know about 30 days before you move. This will help to ensure a smooth switchover.
  5. You need to be aware that South African service providers can be very lax in maintaining their customer data. It often takes service providers up to 90 days to action a change of address. 
  6. The MoveMe service is subject to MoveMe's Standard Terms and Conditions.
  7. MoveMe is only available to South African residents and to South African companies.
  8. To comply with FICA requirements MoveMe needs one form per person or legal entity(e.g. Company, Trust, NGO).
  9. FICA requirements will result in some service providers wanting more documents.
  10. We are not responsible for your service provider’s performance!!!
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Why should my organisation use MoveMe?

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