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MoveMe has compiled a set of Guides that put our experience to work, by creating easy to follow resources.

At some point in the future these guides will only be available to people who have paid to use our services.  Any comments or concerns?

How should you plan a move? What should you do when should you do it? Read MoveMe's Moving Guide

If your children are unhappy about the move or uncommunicative about the move read Children and Moving so that you can help prevent problems settling in.

FICA, RICA, UIF  are all laws that place obligations on you, and penalties! Read Moving and the Law to find out more.

If you own a firearm and you are moving then read Firearms

Should you pay the heavy insurance fee (3% of the REPLACEMENT Value of the contents) when you are moving? Read Security and Moving Insurance.

After you have dealt with any security problems you should still insure your home. But what should you insure? Do you have to insure everything? 

Coming Soon:
Have I over insured or under insured? The MoveMe Inventory tool can help figure this out.

Do you have anything that you think we should add? Please tell us

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