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Is your address changing?

Are you moving?

Send MoveMe just one fax to update all your details with all your service providers.

We will notify your service providers for you.

MoveMe will easily save you 20 hours of frustrating administrative pain and annoying phone calls to busy call centres.

All this for just R100?

But I can do it myself! Do you want to?

Why not test it for yourself? It's easy to do it all yourself! Isn't it? then you can save R100...? Pick two or three of your service providers, maybe a magazine subscription and account? Then find a phone number, try 1023, wait in the call centre queue. Phone your service provider. Wait in the call centre queue (again). Explain yourself to the customer agent.  Spell everything out. Don't forget to ask them to send you a written confirmation at your new address. Did they mention that you need to fax them something? Repeat this 10 to 20 times.

What is your time worth to you?

  • Print the MoveMe PDF Form 
  • Fill in the MoveMe Form
    • Copy the front page of your RSA ID Book or Passport
    • Copy a Proof of Residence e.g. a utility bill or a letter from your attorney.
  • Fax the MoveMe Form and copies to 086 640 0357 
    • or if busy try 0437210631
  • Then pay MoveMe R100

Bonus: Use our move tested Moving Guide to organise your move. It will save you heartache, time, wasted effort  and money!

After you have faxed your MoveMe form with the supporting documents (and paid us!), print out our moving Guide, make a cup of coffee and READ the MoveMe Moving Guide.

Do you have any questions?  Try the FAQ or use our on line submission form.

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