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How to contact MoveMe

FAX 086 640 0357
alternative 043 721 0631

PostNet 118
Private Bag X9063
East London
5200 South Africa
 or from the website 
Web www.MoveMe.Co.Za
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A MoveMe History

MoveMe was inspired by the pain of our majority owner moving home between towns.

He experienced the disruption of routines, the stress of finding "lost" items in a new home. And boxes, boxes everywhere. Added to this was the disruption of social circles and support structures.

On top of this his family struggled with something simple, to get their post sent to their new address.

Being a little fussy (or irritable) and often just plain otherwise he kept track of the number of hours spent on the phone and in chasing up his service providers.

He wasted time waiting in their queues or waiting  for their call centres to get around to answering the phone, and then having to spell everything out, and re trying several times. He got frustrated with being told to  fill-in their Change of Address forms simply because they would not change his details over the phone - or else they wanted letters and faxes and proof of his maiden surname. (We are not joking either!)

MoveMe is our attempt to make life easier for anyone who is going through the disruption of moving.

So Go On

Make a Smart Move,

make your move easier

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