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RICA and CELL Phones

May 2006

According to section 40 - Regulation of Interception of Communications and Provisions of Communication related Information Act 70 of 2002 (RICA) the following is now law.

Should you have the misfortune to:
 loose or have your cell phone stolen
 or have your cell phone destroyed
 or if you loose your sim card
 or have your SIM card destroyed

You must report the event to your nearest police station

You will need the following information to report the event 
  • Make and model of your cell phone
  • IMEI number - dial *#06#
  • Your sim card number
A reference number of the police report and/or written proof must be obtained from the police. Should you fail to report the event you might be found guilty of a criminal offence which can  carry upto a two year jail sentence!
So what should you do?
- Write down the make and model of each cell phone in your home
- Write down the IMEI (Puk) number
- Take the SIM card out and write the number down
- Keep the document with all this information in a safe place

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