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Identity Theft

Identity theft is a real problem.

If you have EVER lost your South African Green Identity book you must report the theft to the South African Police Service and report the theft to the SAFPS at this link.

What is Identity theft?

Anyone using a form of your identity (information that is personal and linked to you) without your permission.

The identity then be used: 
  • to impersonate you,
  • to enter into fraudulent transactions on your behalf,
  • to get you into trouble!

How can an identity be stolen?

Identity theft is NOT limited to the Internet.
Some examples of identity theft include:
  • Forging a Signature - on a cheque or a credit card.
  • PIN Theft - to make unauthorised withdrawals.
  • Swiping - Taking a copy of your credit card and making a duplicate.
  • Number plates - Stealing your number plate and using it on a stolen vehicle.
  • Fraudulently opening a store account and using the credit against your name!
  • Phising - creating a website that looks like the legitimate web site to get you to enter your personal information.
  • Weak passwords!

Do's and Don'ts

Do keep a list of your bank accounts, insurance policies, websites (user name and password) in a SECURE place.

Don't throw out your bank statements or other private information without first destroying the paper document. It is always a good idea to shred or burn the paper document.

Don't EVER click a link on an email  rather type the link directly into your browser and NEVER fill in personal information! It is good practice to rather look up the number in the phonebook, and phone the sender and ask them what they want - We know this is a pain - but it will protect you from the scam artists.

Don't EVER fill in any on line form unless you are sure the system is encrypted (the little padlock on the bottom right hand corner of your browser) AND they have validated your identity - anyone can post a form and ask for your information ...

Don't disclose your information over the phone to unknown people.

Don't subscribe to all the marketing material when you fill in forms if it is on the Internet or on a paper form - always opt out.

Do make sure that your passwords are non trivial - never use "password", use a combination of words and numbers. NEVER use less than 6 characters.

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