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What about Banks and FICA?
How do I get a quote to move?
Why is the MoveMe Request paper based?
When will the MoveMe Request form be available online?
What is FICA?
When must I pay?

What about Banks and FICA?

If you have Internet banking, some of the more progressive banks will let you change your address online.

We will ALWAYS send your bank a change of address notice but don't expect your bank to action the change of address notice. Why?

Banks are a law unto themselves - just ask them to explain why their monthly fees are so high... Perhaps a question or two around the low interest rates they pay on your deposits? Banks in South Africa must be badly run or else over staffed, or just maybe their executives are overpaid! Why else do South African banks charge so much to do so little?

When you move your bank will expect you to arrive at a branch, stand in a long queue, fill out a form and  let them make copies of your Id book and proof of residence and then still charge you a fee for their self imposed process.

How do I get a quote to move?

We don't provide a quoting service from this site, but we can point you to other sites that offer a quoting service, click on Moving Resources

Why is the MoveMe request paper based?

Why? In reality we live in a paper based world! Just ask your printer. (Did you know that printer ink is the most expensive commodity in the world?)

Most people don't have everything filed neatly from A to Z in the filing rack. The stuff is scattered around the house. So we  need to hunt around from room to room to make sure that we have listed all our service providers. The printed form allows you to walk around searching, filling in information as the information is found without having to return to the computer several times.

When will the form be available Online?

We are working on this, but it is also a function of demand. So if you want to do your form online, drop us a note.

What is FICA

FICA is a South African Law that requires people to adequately identify you before moving assets on your behalf. Read more

When must I pay?

MoveMe will only ask your service providers to update your details on the service provider's systems on your behalf after receipt of payment. We would advise you to pay us at least 30 days before your move.

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