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So You Are Moving Home...

Welcome, MoveMe is all about making moving easier.

MoveMe is about moving. MoveMe has South Africa's best change my address service. MoveMe will make moving your home easier. You will find information, advice, and services that you will need when you are moving.

Packing and unpacking

boxes is NOT your

biggest problem!

Going to unpack boxes ...

Getting your post is.

"We moved and we got mail at our old address for months, even years..."
"Even after phoning ******'s call centre they still did not update their records..."

To the Point

MoveMe is a Change of Address service. For a nominal fee of R100 we will inform your named suppliers, account holders and service providers about your change of address. We will fill-in change notice forms, and send them for you. We will not resell your information to companies that don't know you. Save time, fill out the MoveMe form to change your address, and make your move easier.

So What is a Change of Address Service?

How will your post find you after your move?

Not getting your post can be frustrating. Imagine finding that your favourite magazine has been "lost" yet again.
Did the helpful call centre agent actually change your address? Or were they just ending your call as fast as possible so that they could answer the next caller?
Will the person who moves in to your old address really forward your mail?

What about moving and your credit rating?

Not telling your service providers (e.g. cellphone or furniture account holder) that you are moving can damage your credit rating. How can you pay a bill if you have not received the bill? What happens if you don't pay? Your supplier could terminate services or come fetch their property or worse still, blacklist you. You just don't need the hassle. Make sure that you get your bills at your new address by using MoveMe to change your address.

What else can MoveMe do for Me?

MoveMe can tell you what to expect

MoveMe has great guides to help you with moving. Typically you are not just moving. You are selling your house. You are buying a house. Maybe changing a job. Looking for bond finance. It is a very stressful time in your life.

Relationships get stressed as the wife is losing her nest and the husband is probably hiding in work! MoveMe helps you by telling you what to expect. Go read our Moving Guides.

MoveMe will help you find USEFUL Companies

When you are moving you are stressed. The last thing you need is to hunt around for a service or company, that you did not know you needed! Check out our Moving Resources to find out what you need and some suggestions on where to look and who to use.

Things do go wrong when you are moving, and you want to work with a company that will fix things, not deny that problem really does exist. Always check the company on before parting with your signature never mind your money!

MoveMe will do some of your moving administration

MoveMe is a change of address service that will take care of your administration. MoveMe will free up your time and attention so that you can focus on other "moving issues", such as packing! How does MoveMe do this? MoveMe will update your service providers with your new address and contact details.

MoveMe will notify your service providers for you;
saving you money
saving you time
saving you effort
 removing stress
 and make moving easier.

All this for just R100!

What must I do to use MoveMe?

To use the MoveMe change my address service, print and fill out the MoveMe form. Then fax the MoveMe form with the supporting documents.

MoveMe will do the rest of your work for you by notifying each of your named companies (service providers!) and ask the company to update their records with your new address and contact details.

Are you planning a move?

We will give you access to our Move tested Moving Guide!

Use MoveMe's Change My Address NOW

How can MoveMe save time?

When all is said and done, help us to improve service levels - name and shame bad performers at

We would appreciate you telling us about your service providers performance.

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